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Oscar Brizuela in Puerto Vallarta

Knowledge, experience and passion meets together in Oscar Brizuela, whose multidisciplinary handling of dentistry characterizes him, offering the most reliable treatments tailored for every patient’s needs.

His goal is to help you look and feel confident about your smile and oral health by creating positive dental experiences together.


I’m Oscar Brizuela, with 10+ years of experience in dentistry.

My journey in the world of dentistry started at an early age, following my father’s foot steps also a well-known dentist.

My father always told me how important it is to be a perfectionist in the field of dentistry I always knew that dentistry is my passion.


Smile Design, Dental Implants, Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Teeth Whitening and much more


We know that there are times and situations when you cannot keep your appointment. If this happens, please relize that we need a 48 hours notice. Cancellations within 48 hours are subjected to a fee. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cahnge your appointment.

Protocols A to Z

We follow strict hygiene protocols to ensure your health and safety.

When and What You Need

Plan and book in advance or on short notice when you are in need.

Experience & Knowledge

As a prosthodontist, I completed my dental training at the “Universidad de Guadalajara”, and since then I`ve always liked to remain updated by continuously learning new techniques and technologies in favor of my patients.


One on one consultations ensure that we focus our attention on you. We take time to understand your needs and provide the best treatment possible.


”Oscar has been my dentist for 5+ years, so happy with his work, the way he is pro-active and can do all things dental!”

Cecilia Hedström

”Oscar is simply the best.”

Morgan Granander

”Oscar did an amazing job with my teeth, my swedish dentist missed a few cavities but luckily i could visit Oscar who not only cleand out the decay but also made an impeccable filling! Super friendly and thorough

Kajsaclara Linnander

Oscar Brizuela Dentistry | Puerto Vallarta


Carretera a Barra de Navidad 479, local PC3, Edificio Scala, Altavista, CP 48380, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.


Business Hours

Monday to Friday
10am – 6pm

”Commited to excellence in dentistry”